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Autologous Microfragmented Adipose Injections

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Harness The Healing Power Of Fat!

Your very own adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, is a powerhouse for healing! Adipose tissue provides a specialized network of reparative cells (i.e. endothelium, pericytes, MSCs), growth factors and structural fibers referred to as a collagen matrix. When used together they act as the framework for the repair of injured tissues. Once injected into the site of injury, this “microsystem” goes to work with your body in changing the environment to decrease inflammation, provide structural support, improve blood flow, increase the integrity, strength and health of tissue so that you can be without pain and more active.

Why We Love Your Fat

Many studies in the fields of plastic surgery, orthopedics and sports medicine over decades have ben conducted in exploring the healing properties of fat, which has 100-500 times more reparative cells than other tissues in the body. Research has also shown that as a person ages, the reparative properties found in their fat does not lose its ability to heal, unlike other tissues. Autologous (meaning “from the patient”) adipose tissue has minimal risk of rejection or infection. Adipose is just under the skin and is very easy to obtain in a quick office-based procedure. The FDA considers adipose tissue a structural tissue that can be used to provide cushion and support in aiding the healing process of damaged or injured tissue. After a simple harvest of the fat tissue, it is prepared for injection using FDA-cleared processes. These processes retain the microarchitecture and it’s components, which is key in maintaining the normal function and reparability of the cells.
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Is Adipose Right For You?

Many of the same areas that we treat with prolotherapy or PRP can be treated with adipose. When using adipose, like all of our treatments, many factors are taken into consideration when choosing the best treatment modality for our patients. These areas typically have a tissue quality or defect that is a little more advanced, has much less blood flow, is resistant to other forms of treatment, there is a geographical limitation where we need a more powerful option to decrease the number of treatments. Additionally, our physician’s many years of experience and cases performed will heavily factor into the recommendation on the best treatments for your injury and your desired outcomes.

What To Expect

The treatment process is completed in our office by our highly trained and experienced sports medicine physician and takes roughly 90-120 minutes from beginning to end. The minimally invasive procedure uses lidocaine as a local anesthetic. After a small amount of fat is taken from you, it is carefully prepared in the office using a minimally manipulated FDA-cleared process. Once the fat is cleaned free of impurities and oil, it is precisely injected into the sites of injury under ultrasound guidance for accuracy and safety. It is advised to refrain from taking anti-inflammatories 10 days prior to and for the next 2 weeks following a treatment. We find that the majority of our patients need only Tylenol to control the post-procedure discomfort.
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Beware of "Stem Cell" Clinics

You may have seen or heard of “stem cell clinics” offering “stem cell” injections or treatments from different sources such as amniotic fluid. Independent laboratory studies have determined that NONE of these products contain live and viable stem cells. These treatments do hold some therapeutic benefit, but they should not be considered stem cell treatments as they are often portrayed. Additionally, these substances are harvested, manufactured and processed at an outside facility and pose increased risk of contamination or degradation of therapeutic effects.

Our Autologous Microfragmented Adipose Treatments are FDA Cleared

Alliance Regen & Rehab in St. Petersburg, FL prioritizes patient safety and efficacy and therefore we process adipose in our in-house lab using FDA cleared processes and supplies. Additionally, you can be rest assured that our board certified, fellowship trained regenerative sports medicine physician will examine you, discuss treatment options, and perform all of your injections and follow up care.

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