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Physical Therapy For Athletes: How Does It Work?

Introduction Engaging in sports and physical activities exposes athletes to various challenges, including injuries and strains. Physical therapy for athletes emerges as a crucial component in their journey to optimal performance. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the definition, importance, and various aspects of physical therapy tailored specifically for athletes. For specialized care, …

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Fascia: Unwinding the Complexities

What is Fascia? There’s fascia, and then there’s the fascial system. At its core fascia is a connective tissue which helps to stabilize our body structures and allows for flexible, fluid motion. But on a grander scale, it is a vast interconnected structure which is often the root of musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. The spider …

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Stretching for Athletes – Do’s and Don’ts

Sometimes it just feels so good to stretch!!!!! As a sports medicine practice with DPT’s and DO’s, we get asked a lot of questions about stretching. Usually, people come to us for advice on different ways to stretch before or after a workout. Most of the time its because people feel tightness or pain and …

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