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Concierge Physical Therapy

Alliance Executive - Bringing Pain Relief To You

If you’re someone who’s dealing with an injury, just the daily aches and pains, or looking to be proactive in keeping your body working optimally, our team of Doctors in St. Petersburg are here to help. 

Even though we have a physical location right in downtown St. Petersburg, there are some busy executives, athletes, and fast moving professionals who value time and privacy. Because we understand that, we have our exclusive Alliance Executive service where our Doctors can come directly to you to help you perform at your best, in all areas of your life!

Now offering visits to many of the premier residencies in downtown St. Pete! Interested? Please fill out our Request an Appointment Form below to get more information on starting care with our Doctors. 

Conditions Treated In-Home

**Concierge visits are on a first come basis due to extremely low availability.**

Services Available

About 90% of the services we provide in our office are also available with concierge medicine. Some of the major services include the following…

Have Questions About Our Concierge Options?

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