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Fascial Release & Restoration

Thoracic lumbar fascia.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a sophisticated network of fibers that surrounds nerves, muscle, tendons and ligaments. It is this living, breathing, mobile tissue that makes up our structural framework. Instead of thinking of our bony skeleton as our frame, think of a network of fascia, in which the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and vessels integrate. This is our true locomotor framework. If the gut is considered the “second brain”, then fascia is the “third brain” and could be considered its own organ system, larger than skin. A small disruption in fascia is enough to throw off the entire system. This has largely been ignored and unable to be visualized, until now. We can evaluate and visualize this fascia with ultrasound.

Restore Bio-Tensegrity

The body performs optimally when there is balanced tension in the system. When there is loss of tension and integrity, there is a ripple effect that can be perceived as weakness, pain or general decrease in function.
Two ropes tied together in a circle.
Close-up view of a tangled alliance of fine, pink fibers encircled by a light blue border. The interwoven texture appears delicate and intricate.

We Fix Fascia

Acute injuries resulting in tears or chronic irritation and inflammation resulting in thickening of this fascia can be evaluated and identified with the use of ultrasound. We can identify these areas of restriction, thickening, or injury in the fascia and through percutaneous hydrodissection “release” this area and allow for improved range of motion, pain and function. In the setting of tears, regenerative treatment options can help to restore the integrity of this intelligent framework.

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