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Manual Therapy in St. Petersburg

Move Better and Feel Better with Physical Therapy

If you’re dealing with pain or an injury, it can be difficult to determine what exactly your body needs. Likewise, when you are sore and fatigued from training from the game of life, the only thing that matters to you is FAST relief. Fortunately, manual therapy can give you just that.

At Alliance Regen & Rehab in Downtown St. Petersburg, our physical therapists have tools in their arsenal and are highly trained to deliver treatments relieve pain and also improve your body’s performance.

If you are suffering from pain, injury, soreness from training, are proactive, or dealing with a post-surgical scar, call our office at 727-258-7224 to speak directly with our doctor of physical therapy.

Manual therapy is a hands on treatment provided by our physical therapist to help reduce pain, improve movement, increase mobility, stimulate healing, and decrease restrictions. This can range from soft tissue massage, trigger point release, active release treatment, joint mobilizations, and spinal manipulation.
Manual Therapy is an integral part in the treatment plan and manual therapy can help reduce pain quickly, often on the first session. In addition to pain reduction, manual therapy can help promote healing, improve range of motion, decrease inflammation, and speed up recovery. This is just component of the entire treatment plan, as most plans will also include movement correction, corrective exercises, strength, exercise modification, programming, dry needling, and proprioception based exercises depending on your sport and goal.
A woman is being examined by a physical therapist.
A man giving a massage to a woman at an event.