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Sports Physical Therapy in St. Petersburg

Move Better and Feel Better with Physical Therapy

An athletic, strong and capable body that you can be confident in is what everyone strives for. Alliance Regen and Rehab in St. Petersburg can help you achieve just that – a life of health and fitness, all while reducing your pain.

If you are looking for a healthier, stronger, and more active lifestyle, request an appointment today!

What Does a Physical Therapy Treatment Plan Look Like?

Everyone has different needs depending on the conditions of their bodies and their goals. One plan of care that works for Person A, may not necessarily work the same for Person B or C.

Our Physical Therapist works closely with you during an evaluation that assess your range of motion, balance, movement patterns, limitations, muscle strength, and areas of pain – all while looking through the lens of the the sport or activity that you are trying to get back to or excel at!

You may be asked at the initial evaluation to stand, walk, run, squat, swing a golf club, perform a dead lift, or any other motions.

Once the physical therapist gets a clear picture of what you need and what injury is, he or she will begin constructing a tailored treatment plan to help relieve your pain and achieve your goals.

How Can I Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy has man benefits, but the purpose of physical therapy remains the same no matter what you are seeking its services for.

Perhaps you are dealing with lingering pain keeping you from doing what you love. Perhaps you’ve just had surgery and need post-surgical rehab for things like meniscus repairs, rotator cuff surgeries, or ACL repairs. Maybe your joints and range of motion aren’t what they used to be and you’re looking for relief.

Whatever the case may be, physical therapists are dedicated to using conservative approaches to relief your pain and getting you back to a peak level of physical health.

Our physical therapists are movement specialists and are experts in analyzing movements and uncovering movement and mobility issues during walking, running, jumping, squatting, throwing, and other functional/sport related movements. Our physical therapists can pinpoint those areas, describe them to you so you understand, and then create a personalized plan to tackle those ares.

Through in-office 1-on-1 sessions and at-home exercises delivered with videos and guidance, patients are able to strengthen muscles, improve mobility and flexibility, build better balance and agility, enhance endurance, and experience pain relief. All of this without the risks of medications or surgeries.

What Should I Know About Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is multifaceted, meaning that it combines the amazing benefits of manual therapy, corrective exercise, and strengthening together. Generally, the goal of physical therapy is to decrease pain and improve your strength and function!

Physical Therapy (PT) generally consists of three important phases: pain relief, mobility and strengthening, functional integration and return to sport. These phases are very important in regards to the natural healing process so that tissues heal quickly and without interruption. The understanding of this process and how the body moves is usually the biggest difference when it comes to physical therapists and fitness oriented personal trainers.

An active lifestyle is very depending on movement. Movement is affected when mobility, strength, coordination, balance, and and flexibility are compromised. Our physical therapist will work with you through specific exercises designed to fix these areas of weakness, while also giving you some simple ones to do at home based on what you have access to!

The end result of physical therapy is living the active life you want with a body you can be confident in, without the painful limitations. Breakthrough happens when you apply the principles and gains you make during sessions into the outside world and in your daily movements.

How Do I Get Started With Physical Therapy?

The pain-free active lifestyle you want isn’t easy to obtain or maintain, especially for those impacted by chronic pain and injury.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy body takes work. It’s easy to replace physical activity and care for your body with something else that may be biding for our attention in life. But, once you get the groove of it, then it becomes much easier.

If your dealing with chronic pain, it can be a struggle to be consistent with physical activity. Some people try to mask their symptoms with anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers, or cortisone injections, while others just give up on the idea of being active all together.

We want you do know that there is an alternative option: physical therapy. With the help of Alliance Regen and Rehab, it is possible to reclaim your pain-free active lifestyle so you can return to doing all of life’s activities with confidence.

Begin Your Physical Treatment Plan Today!

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The truth is that living a pain-free life is more than possible, even with chronic pain, past surgeries, or the fear of surgery in the future.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Alliance Regen and Rehab in St. Petersburg

110+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Tammy L.

“Dr Brian & Dr John saved my life! I went from barely being able to walk from a herniated disc to moving around with very little pain. I can exercise/walk now and have been able to lose weight now that my body can move. I am now sleeping mostly thru the night. I don’t have to painfully shift from side to side every 30 minutes at night. They also healed my tennis elbows as well. Love these guys- highly recommend. “

- Chloe W.

“I am to Alliance Regen & Rehab for post-ACL reconstruction surgery physical therapy and had a great experience! Everyone was very helpful and kind, and I was able to make great progress in my rehab with Dr. Brian Broussard. The PT sessions were fun, helpful, and informative. I felt like my progress was supported and important to Dr. Brain. I was sad to leave, but had to move away for college so was not able to fully finish my rehab there. Would definitely recommend!”

- Laura S.

“Dr. John Broussard helped me with my bursitis on my hips. I could not lay on either side of my hips before the procedure. I am doing great now. Also I was told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I needed a hip replacement, I am working with Dr. Broussard currently and doing exercises with my personal trainer so I do not have to have surgery. Still in progress but doing great! “