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Proprioceptive and Balance Training

Build Better Balance with Proprioceptive Training

Physical therapists and others in the health and fitness world have long discussed the importance of having strong core due to impact it has on your balance ability. Having a strong core plays a huge role in preventing harmful conditions like chronic lower back pain, balance and gait related dysfunctional, and even shoulder and elbow injuries in throwers.

the term proprioception refers to one’s positional awareness of their bodies position and movement, both consciously and unconsciously. Proprioception training works on strengthening certain areas of the body, especially the core, in order to heighten positional awareness and movement quality.

What Exactly Is Proprioception Training?

You may have never guessed this, but your eyes and inner ears play an important role in keeping you upright and balanced. There are actually three areas of the body that work together to help control your balance: The vestibular system, the visual system, and the proprioceptive system.

The Vestibular System: This system refers to some liquid inside of your ear that sort of works like a “carpenters level” to keep your eyes level. If you’ve ever felt dizzy, it can mean that this liquid inside of your ears are a little bit off balance.

The Visual System: This refers to the constant messages that are being relayed to and from your eyes and your brain. They help you to see, but they give important information on where your body is in relation to the world around you. Just try to balance one foot and then close your eyes…

The Proprioceptive System: This system involves sensory nerves in your muscles and joints. They detect things like movement, force, and pressure. When your core is strong and these joints, muscles, and nerves are trained, they can process information quicker and more clearly. This can improve your balance ability, quickness, and reactions.

How Does Your Core Muscles Impact Your Proprioception?

When people think of their “core,” they usually think of the other abs that you can see. In this sense, we are referring to your inner core. Your inner core muscles attach to your spine and are integral in providing stability to your spine. Think abdominal corset. Your outer core is works in conjunction with the inner core, but they typically do more with moving your body through space!

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