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“How to Stop Chronic & Disruptive Running Pain & Injuries WITHOUT Risky Surgeries, WITHOUT Taking Painkillers, & WITHOUT Extended Time Away From What You Love!”

The Resilient Running Method

The proven method that gets you back to running with confidence, efficiency, and strength.

The first step to the resilient running method is going through a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation to evaluate your pain, analyze your movement, and find the root cause of your pain.
The next step and a critical step in the process is performing a video running analysis. We break down every aspect of your running form – not just from your knees down. We look at your entire body and then pair that with your functional physical therapy exam to get a whole and personalized view of where you are and where you need to go!
After both the physical therapy evaluation and the video running analysis, we break down your limitations and strengths, and we map out a personalized plan for you to get back to running pain free. A return-to-run plan, in-person sessions, correctives, strength training, upcoming races, and goal setting are all apart of the process to get you to become a resilient runner!
Step 4 involves the first step in healing after any injury. You will almost always get same day treatment instructions on your first session, but from there our goal is to control the pain and the inflammatory process, and to strategically guide your body’s healing process to ensure it happens without aggravation!

One the most crucial parts of becoming a resilient runner is being able to control your body and master movement. We work on exercises and movements that challenge your body, and enhance the neuromuscular connection!

These movements are also working on your ability to provide the necessary stability during your run. Being stable prevents injury but also allows you transmit energy and power while running!

At this point, the pain is long gone and you’re starting to feel like your old self again. You’re starting to activate your muscles appropriately and gaining full range of motion. This step involves progressive loading to your injured tissues and the rest of your body. Loading your muscles, tendons, joints, and body is how strength is built and how continued healing is stimulated.

We also introduce you to running again with a set schedule to ensure a safe transition to pain free running, while also providing you with necessary run retraining and cues that help foster an efficient and safe running style.

Once your injury begins to heal, your pain has been negated, and you’re making steady progress, we then progress further into run-specific strength training and higher intensity strength training. During this phase, we will also begin to ramp up your running time and distance and get you back on your running plan to crush your goal and make it to your 5k, marathon, group run, triathlon, or just your normal running schedule!
With the injury healed and you back to running pain free, we program a plan for you that ties everything in and to keep you progressing so you can continue to crush your goals, get advice and guidance when needed, recovery tools at your fingertips, and continue running pain-free!


A medical running evaluation will connect your physical therapy evaluation and your video running analysis to provide you with an understanding of your injury, a more efficient running form, and a strength program to help you stay pain free and improve your performance!

Running injuries can occur due to poor footwear, lack of run specific strength training, sudden volume increases, and various other causes.

Our aim is to get you back to running as quickly as possible so you can continue to aim for those PR’s, stay involved in your running community, while staying away from medication, surgeries, and losing progress.

That is where we can help! To help you understand your injury, understand a more efficient running form, guide you through your recovery, and assist in planning your running schedule as you recover!

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