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Welcome To Alliance Regen and Rehab

Are chronic injuries preventing you from living your life to the fullest? Is staying healthy and fit becoming an obstacle due to a persistent injury?

Is an injury stopping you from participating in activities you love like working out, running, golfing, CrossFit, or playing a team sport like soccer or baseball?

Have you seen other medical providers, but couldn’t get lasting changes?

Does This Sound Like You?

Our goal is to help you keep doing what makes you happy. We strive for lasting solutions so that all of your favorite activities or sports are pain-free and enjoyable.

Life is a lot more fun when you are pain free and doing the things you love. You being fit and healthy is also the best way to enjoy time with your friends and family – to live a full life achieve all that you set out to do.

We help you live the high-performance, pain-free live you deserve!

Who Do We Help?

Active Adults

Who just a need a little help (or a lot of help) getting back to the activities they love.


Who want to continue pushing their limits and hitting their goals, but are being held back from an injury or pain.

Busy Professionals

Who need to keep their bodies and their minds performing at their best – without painkillers or visits to the GP.

Active Gym Enthusiasts

Who want to prevent pain and injuries and get back to their workouts, friends, and classes.

Healthy Lifestyle Seekers

Who want to find the source of their problem rather than just treating it with medicine.


Who want to increase their miles, while reducing the aches and pains and lowering their risk for injuries.


All golfers who want to gain distance, swing freely, and feel great on and off the golf course.

Active Women

Who have poured all their energy and love into their children, who have now grown, and want to enjoy the next phase of their life with their spouse – feeling healthy, confident, and not slowed down by again.

Busy New Moms

Who are struggling with feeling confident in their body and confused about how to start exercising again after childbirth, so they can get bak to healthy activity.

Frustrated Mothers

Who feel like things have been different since having kids, who’ve been frustrated because they’ve experienced some back and SI joint pain that is stopping their progress.

What Makes Alliance Different


One-on-One Care with Your Doctor, Every Visit

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care, every session will be one on one with your Doctor. No aids, no techs. Just individualized care for you with your doctor!

Wholistic Care

You're More Than A Diagnosis Or Injury

At Alliance, we treat the body as a whole and you as a whole! Through our training and experiences, we understand that where your pain is may not reflect the actual cause of your discomfort. We want to identify and target any weak areas to help bulletproof your entire body and help decrease likelihood of future injuries. We also utilize nutrition, hormones, sleep, and recovery coaching to optimize your results.

Multiple Treatment Options

One Office, Multiple Conservative Treatment Options

At Alliance, we have a unique team consisting of osteopathic physicians and physical therapists. This allows us to provide everything an active person needs to be the ‘one-stop shop for body repair’ – diagnostics, osteopathic manipulation, regenerative medicine, soft tissue care, dry needling, injury rehab, performance training, and more.


We Understand The Demands Of Your Life and/or Sport

We walk the talk! As physical therapists & physicians, ones who exercise and participate in activities/sports ourselves, we understand what it takes. While many physicians an physical therapists will tell you to stop your desired activity, we understand that avoiding the things that you love you do because of injury is no way to live. Because of our background, we are often times able to find ways and make modifications to allow you to continue to participate in your desired activity without having to take time off while you recover from your injury!

Cost Transparency

You'll Never Get a Bill From Us Months After Your Visit

Many medical clinics and sports medicine practices will send out bills months after your treatment is complete. With Alliance you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating. All of our prices are transparent and flexible as we work with you and your situation to make sure you get the care and relief you deserve!


24 Hour Response Time

When we say we are 100% committed to your entire recovery process or performance goals, we mean it. During your rehab and treatment process, you’ll have direct access to your providers if you have any questions.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Alliance Regen and Rehab in St. Petersburg

110+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Colleen S.

“Long time runner, never had an issue until I had a TFL tear this spring. Decided on Alliance after meeting with them and evaluating the treatment plan and time frame I required to get back on a fall marathon training schedule. I’m also a terrible patient when it comes to waiting for the machinery of the health care auth system to get around to actually letting patients get treated. Dr. John was able to do an in-office ultrasound on the spot, diagnose the issue and recommend a course of action. Dr. Brian incorporated my quirky training needs and running schedule into the PT sessions and changed course as needed. Their office and team design allows for better physician autonomy to work more closely with patients on an individual need level. This is not one-size-fits-all medicine, like most places. I highly recommend. “

- Lauren A.

“I had been struggling on and off with back pain for several years when I decided to try Alliance Regen & Rehab. I had never even heard of prolotherapy before my assessment. Dr. John was able to see some problem tissue right away using ultrasound technology and recommended we give it a try. After only two prolotherapy treatments coupled with several weeks of physical therapy with Dr Brian I had noticed a huge difference. My pain was much less frequent and severe and my core strength had improved rapidly. The office is a beautiful space overlooking the pier and downtown St Pete so it is actually fun to go to PT there. Dr. Brian and his team have a broad variety of techniques for getting you back into your top performance condition and they are friendly, attentive, and adaptable to your schedule. I highly recommend checking out this group if you have chronic pain or a lingering sports injury.”

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