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Do You Suffer From Stiffness & Tightness On The Course?
Do You Feel Like Back Pain Is Holding You Back?
Are You Playing Less Golf Because Of Pain?
Do You Feel Like You Can’t Get Passed Your Injury?
Worried That Surgery Is In Your Future?

If you answered YES to one or more of those questions, a Golf Medical Evaluation Needs To Be Your Next Step!

Our 5 Step Fit 4 Golf Process

Step #1 – Golf Medical Evaluation + Body-Swing Analysis – This is where we begin to take an in depth look at your golf fitness, specifically your physical capabilities and limitations as it relates to the golf swing! We use a combination of physical therapy tests, functional movement screen tests, and Titleist Performance Institute Tests to analyze how your body moves without the golf club.Then, we take a look at how you move with a golf club during a video swing analysis.
Step #2 – Individualized Plan Creation. No two plans are the same because no two bodies are the same. Everyone needs a slightly different “tweak” to get the most out of their body and their golf game. That is the sole purpose of talking about your history, your goals, and going through the evaluation. We map out a plan to get you where you want to go. Whether that is just feeling good for 18, increasing your distance by 15 yards, getting back from hip surgery, or just to try to be more consistent. We help you get there.
Step #3 – Stability & Mobility. This is where we build the foundation. No one walks into the clinic or gym with me and starts throwing medicine balls and lifting heavy weights. We make sure we have the basics in order to set you up for success down the road – you can’t build a house on a poor foundation. We build that here while also working on increasing mobility and flexibility in the process!
Step #4: Strength & Power – Once you have a solid understanding on how to move and control your body, and you develop of a foundation of stability and increasing mobility, we can now progress to developing more strength and more power!
Step #5: Back To Golf – Everyone is different, and although we get most people playing golf within days of first seeing us from an injury, this is often the last step – especially if you are currently not playing golf at all due to injury. At this point, your playing 18 whenever you want, multiple times a week, and hitting as many balls as you want with confidence that your body will not just hold up, but perform! You are playing better, hitting the ball farther, taking a few dollars from your buddies on the course, and perhaps even feeling a bit younger while doing so. This is our goal for everyone that we treat here at Alliance Regen & Rehab who is having pain with golf.

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