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Emsculpt Neo in St. Petersburg


Emsculpt Neo for Body Sculpting

The treatment utilizes both HIFEM and synchronized RF energy through a single applicator! The RF energy heats the underlying tissue, which prepares the muscles for the contractions and heats up the fat which will trigger lipolysis, or fat cell death. HIFEM causes supramaximal contractions, which create new muscle cells and strengthen existing muscle fibers. The thermal energy disrupts the fat cells, causing them to melt. They are naturally gathered by the body and processed out as waste. Once the fat cells are removed, they’re gone for good!
A diagram showing the difference between fat and muscle.

Emsculpt Neo for Injury Rehab

We’ve used the groundbreaking technology of HIFEM, which causes supramaximal contractions to the target muscle, creating new muscle cells and strengthening existing muscle fibers. Utilizing the Emsculpt Neo in conjunction with physical therapy can enhance outcomes and accelerate results for things like lower back pain and various knee injuries!

In scenarios where we want to manage load or when atrophy is present, we can get incredible muscle growth and results using the Emsculpt Neo in Rehab!

A diagram showing the difference between fat and muscle.

EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Areas

A man and a woman standing next to each other.

EMSCULPT NEO for Knee and Back Injuries

Emsculpt Neo used for helping Quad strength during knee injury rehab at Alliance Regen & Rehab in St. Pete.
Emsculpt Neo for building core strength to help lumbar spine stabilization and to reduce low back pain.


With Emsculpt Neo, we can significantly accelerate our patients recovery from knee injuries, hip injuries, and lower back injuries. 

No Downtime

This treatment is non-invasive which means that there is no downtime after your session.

FDA Cleared

Emsclupt NEO is an effective, FDA cleared treatment that has clinically proved results.


Emsclupt NEO is a quick and easy 30 minute treatment that simultaneously destroys fat and increases muscle.


Emsclupt NEO is a comprehensive body contouring treatment that reduces fat up to 30%, and increases muscle up to 25%.

Before & Afters

Before and after escult treatment of butt.
A before and after photo of a tummy tuck.