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Medical Fitness Coaching St. Petersburg

Never guess what you should be doing with your workouts. Our team at Alliance Regen & Rehab is prepared to help you feel confident and reach your fitness goals the right way.

Keep reading to learn more about our Medical Fitness Coaching & Training Programs here at Alliance Regen & Rehab in St. Petersburg

How The Medical Fitness Training Process Works

Step 1: Goal Setting & Data Collection

During your first visit, you’ll sit down with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to discuss your current performance and where you’d like to be. We want to know your fitness goals and what you want to achieve. Your PT will then perform objective strength measurements, test your Power 5 movements, assess range of motion, and test agility to ensure you’re safe and ready to take on a challenging strength & conditioning progression designed to help you achieve your goals!

Any limitations or imbalances will be taken into account, along with your personal goals and history. This is vital to us building you an optimal plan for maximizing your training and decreasing your risk for injury in the process.

Step 2: Program Creation and Implementation

Using your history, goals, and metrics collected during your first session, we’re then able to create a personalized, periodized training program centered around you and your specific needs.

From there, you’ll have one-on-one, guided strength and conditioning sessions where you’ll be introduced to any new exercises in your program, receive coaching and guidance on form, and get a great a great workout in the process. 

Because training is performed by a performance physical therapist, you’ll have an experience that is unmatched. With the detailed and knowledge of your history, your performance physical therapist will be able to creatively craft a program through the lense of a personal trainer AND a physical therapist, ensuring you’ll be challenged in the safest of hands!

Step 3: Ongoing Assessment and Plan Revision

In between sessions, you’ll have access to your program through our athlete management software (including frequency, sets, reps, weights, and videos for all workouts).

As your plan progresses, your St. Petersburg strength coach will continually check your progress. If something isn’t working or bringing you closer to your goal, we’ll adjust your plan to focus on measurable progress toward your most important skills. We want you to succeed and feel confident that you’re making the necessary progress needed to reach your goals!

As an added perk, your training sessions can also be used to take advantage of recovery services provided by your physical therapist. These include soft tissue massage, trigger point release, ART, dry needling, cupping, and joint manipulation/mobilizations. Part of helping you achieve your goals is keeping your body recovered and fresh, which also helps reduce risk of injury! 

Training Programs in St. Petersburg

Here at Alliance Regen & Rehab, we know very well that there are millions of options today when it comes to fitness. We know how important it its is for people to live a healthy lifestyle and having a resistance training or fitness program is a huge part of that. You want someone that can push you, get results, but also help you avoid injury in the process. After all, “the best ability is availability.” That’s what we want to help with our Medical Fitness Coaching program.

Our patients and clients choose us because we know how to get them the body of their dreams, while also taking into consideration past injuries, the way want to move, their activities, and even their everyday lifestyle.

Upon the start of your membership, your coach will receive your discharge report from your St. Petersburg physical therapist which they will use to help customize your program specifically to you. 

Imagine not having to think about little movement and if it was going to make your condition worse! That’s our goal for you. We want to eliminate worry and maximize performance so you can reach your fitness goals and full potential while doing so.

Your workouts, nutrition and texting capabilities will all be available and accessable to you through our app. Every exercise has high quality videos for tips and techniques and you can even sync data through your smartwatch so that your coach can track activity and workout intensities. 

A comparison table with three categories: Alliance Regen and Rehab, traditional personal training, and medical fitness coaching, detailing services like coach familiarity with medical history, customized nutrition, and more.

Make Every Workout Count

Don’t spend any more time wondering if what you’re doing is working or if there could be a better solution for you to reach your fitness goals. Take the guesswork out of training with the BEST team to get you to your peak performance and health.

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Alliance Regen and Rehab in St. Petersburg

120+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Tammy L.

“Dr Brian & Dr John saved my life! I went from barely being able to walk from a herniated disc to moving around with very little pain. I can exercise/walk now and have been able to lose weight now that my body can move. I am now sleeping mostly thru the night. I don’t have to painfully shift from side to side every 30 minutes at night. They also healed my tennis elbows as well. Love these guys- highly recommend. “

- Chloe W.

“I am to Alliance Regen & Rehab for post-ACL reconstruction surgery physical therapy and had a great experience! Everyone was very helpful and kind, and I was able to make great progress in my rehab with Dr. Brian Broussard. The PT sessions were fun, helpful, and informative. I felt like my progress was supported and important to Dr. Brain. I was sad to leave, but had to move away for college so was not able to fully finish my rehab there. Would definitely recommend!”

- Laura S.

“Dr. John Broussard helped me with my bursitis on my hips. I could not lay on either side of my hips before the procedure. I am doing great now. Also I was told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I needed a hip replacement, I am working with Dr. Broussard currently and doing exercises with my personal trainer so I do not have to have surgery. Still in progress but doing great! “