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You’re A Runner Who Seems To Be Stuck In This Constant Injury Cycle. All You Want Is To Be Injury Free, Make More Races, And Make More PR’s.

You’ve Been To Other Providers, Gyms, Trainers, And Doctors’ Offices, But They Haven’t Gotten You The Results You Wanted.

They Didn’t Understand The Specific Blueprint That Runners Need In Order For Them To Find That Success & Those Results.

You Deserve To Know Your Clear, Individualized, And Run-Specific Blueprint That Is Going To Elevate You And Your Running Performance.

Mike Landry

I had been running for about eight months experiencing on and off knee pain in my left knee. When I began a half-marathon training program my knee pain increased as the intensity of my training increased, and I felt like my completion of the training program and half-marathon race were at risk. I met Dr. Brian Broussard when he spoke before one of our training sessions and made an appointment with him, after he followed-up with me. I signed up for his ten-session package, and immediately noticed results. Working with Brian was beneficial for my health and training as he initially conducted in-depth consultation and analysis of me and my form to pinpoint the areas I needed to strengthen and improve to not only fix my knee pain, but make me a faster and more efficient runner overall. Brian was focused on my upcoming half-marathon and was very in-tune with my training and helping me improve pain free as my training intensity increased. I was able to complete my training program and half-marathon successfully thanks to Brian, and came away with the knowledge of the types of training and exercises I can continue to incorporate to prevent injury and improve my form. Working with Brian was well worth the investment, and I recommend him to anyone who doesn’t want to accept pain as a part of training and competing.

Karen Ziv

Back in February, I strained my hamstring, which likely was actually injured back in October. I lived with the pain, saw a PT, did sports massage, took a break from running, nothing helped. I figured I’d be stuck with it forever unless I quit running for a year.

I met Brian in June through a free running clinic he offered and started seeing him for PT. He did a combo of run form analysis and cues for when I run on my own, strengthening exercises, home exercise assignments, and very targeted massage to fix me up. Before we finished our last session (only 5 needed!), he went over what I need to do to take care of myself to finish healing and to prevent future injuries.

For the first time since the injury, my hamstring doesn’t hurt, my leg feels back to normal, and I can run without my foot dragging. Even backpacking this past weekend over hilly, rocky miles didn’t trigger any recurrence of the pain.

I know pretty much all of us struggle with some sort of running injury at some point. Give him a shot if you’re in the Pinellas area!

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