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Our 5 Step Fit 4 Golf Process

For The Pain-Free Golfer Who’s Looking To Feel and Play Great
Step #1: Comprehensive Evaluation – The first step in starting your golf fitness journey with Alliance Regen & Rehab is performing a golf specific assessment to see where your physical capabilities and limitations are. We use a compilation of movement tests comprising of FMS, TPI, and Physical Therapy Tests to get a full picture of where you are! We also do a swing-analysis and pair that with your golf-fitness analysis.
Step 2: Movement Mastery – After the evaluation, plan creation, and goal setting portion, we start our golf fitness plan with working on teaching you how to move your body properly. This is the most important skill you can have, which is why it is our first step!!
Step #3: Stability & Mobility – As your beginning to master your movement, we start to pile on lots of stability and mobility that foundation. We begin working on things the help with your shoulder and hip turn, spinal mobility, and general mobility and flexibility. Movement mastery, stability, and mobility are prerequisites for beginning to work on more involved strength progressions, as it helps to prevent injury and ensure maximal benefit.
Step #4: Strength Basics – The next step is to begin to progress your strength training. At this point you’ve gotten pretty good at controlling and moving your body, you’ve added some baseline stability and even improved your mobility. The foundation is added and now we can add some real strength to help you on and off the course!
Step 5: Rotational Strength & Power – It’s no secret that golf is a rotational sport that requires you to generative rotational power. Through the Fit 4 Golf Process, we made sure to arm your body with what it needs to set you up for success when it comes to developing rotational speed and power that will lead to faster club-head speed and longer drives!!

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