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Athlete Reconditioning

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Stay Fresh and Stay Ready with Athlete Reconditioning

At Alliance Regen and Rehab, we’re committed to helping our athletes continue to perform at the highest possible level. As experts in sports injury rehabilitation, movement analysis, and movement enhancement, we use that understanding and experience to keep our athletes in peak physical shape.

What Does Athlete Reconditioning Look Like?

Athlete Reconditioning is a mix of continuous assessment and treatments to correct and/or enhance the body of the athlete in order to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury.

Our Sports Physical Therapist works closely with you to assess and optimize range of motion, balance, movement patterns, limitations, and muscle strength that is needed for your sport and needed to remain healthy.

How Can I Benefit From Athlete Reconditioning?

Any athlete can benefit from Athlete Reconditioning because it is tailored specifically to each athlete depending on their needs and history.

100% Healthy – routine reconditioning sessions can help your body recover from the rigors of training and in-game play. This may be to restore shoulder range of motion, loosen tightened muscles, or working to improve weak spots.

Injury History – injuries are common and certain positions/sports have common injuries associated with them. We know that and if by chance you’ve experienced an injury and are working to return to your sport, athletic reconditioning can help you safely ramp up back full participation and optimal performance.

In-season & Off-season – We help you recover and prepare for your next game, next bullpen, next tournament, or next training session using manual therapy techniques, dry needling, movement correction, and muscle activation. All safe and effective for keeping you at the top of your game.

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