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Corrective Exercise

What Is Corrective Exercise?

As we move our bodies every day, we tend to develop certain patterns of movements that are either optimal or sub-optimal. These learned patterns can either hinder us or set us up for long-term success. When you develop sub-optimal movement patters (hiking your shoulder, collapsing your knee, rounding shoulders) they can put us at an increased risk for injury and cap performance.

When these patterns do contribute to injuries, they must be identified and corrected so that rate of healing increases and to prevent future re-injury.

Our movement specialist can spot these movement patterns within your movements that are associated with your activity or sport and develop a plan to correct them.

Is This The Same Correctives That Personal Trainers Use?

Yes and No. The utilization and prescription of corrective exercises is based on understanding of your anatomy and biomechanics (the way your body is designed to move). Likewise, the effectiveness of these is related to the previously mentioned. What makes these different is knowing when to use them and the most optimal time to use them, especially in the midst of an injury when tissues are sensitive and healing progression is extremely important.

At Alliance Regen & Rehab in Downtown St. Petersburg, our physical therapists are movement experts that are able to analyze your movement, detect dysfunctions, and deploy specific exercises to correct these patterns.

If you want to be a better mover of your body you can overcome injury, prevent injury, and improve daily performance,  call our office at 727-258-7224 to speak directly with our doctor of physical therapy.

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