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Blog for Expert UCL Diagnosis and Treatment for baseball players at Alliance Regen & Rehab.

Expert ECL Injury Diagnosis and Rehabilitation at Alliance Regen & Rehab

In the world of baseball, UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament) injuries, highlighted by cases like those of Jason Dominguez and Bryce Harper, have become a focal point of discussion. At Alliance Regen & Rehabilitation, we’re at the forefront of addressing these concerns with a team led by experts like Dr. John Broussard DO, specializing in diagnostic ultrasound, and Dr. Dennis Colon, a renowned physical therapist and shoulder and elbow rehabilitation specialist, formerly with the Twins.

UCL Injuries in Baseball: Insights From Our Team

Though recent incidents might suggest a spike in UCL injuries among position players, our specialists, including Dr. Broussard and Dr. Colon, provide a more nuanced view backed by clinical experience and research. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and rehabilitation techniques, they offer comprehensive care for athletes at all levels.

A healthcare professional from Alliance Regen and Rehab performs an ultrasound on a patient's knee in a medical clinic, with the patient lying down and the screen displaying the ultrasound image.

The Cultural Nuances of Pain in Athletes

A physical therapist from Alliance Regen and Rehab assisting a young athlete with a shoulder exercise in a well-equipped gym, with training equipment visible in the background.

At Alliance Regen & Rehabilitation, we recognize the cultural influences on how athletes report pain, especially prevalent among Latin American players. Dr. Broussard’s expertise in diagnostic ultrasound and Dr. Colon’s extensive experience in rehabilitation help uncover and address these often-undisclosed injuries effectively.

Personalized Care for Effective Recovery

The approach by Dr. Broussard and Dr. Colon at Alliance Regen & Rehabilitation emphasizes personal connections with athletes. Understanding each athlete’s unique situation allows for more targeted and successful treatment strategies, especially in managing UCL and other related injuries.

A physical therapist from Alliance Regen and Rehab assists a male patient in performing a rehabilitation exercise, using a resistance band by a window overlooking a body of water.

Specialized Attention for Pitchers

Given the rising concern over UCL injuries in pitchers, our team offers specialized care. Dr. Colon’s background as a physical therapist for the Twins, combined with his expertise in shoulder and elbow rehabilitation, is invaluable in developing tailored recovery programs.


At Alliance Regen & Rehabilitation, our commitment to managing UCL injuries extends beyond diagnosis to holistic care and rehabilitation. With the combined expertise of Dr. John Broussard DO in diagnostic ultrasound and Dr. Dennis Colon’s specialized physical therapy for shoulder and elbow injuries, we offer an unparalleled resource for baseball players and other athletes. Trust in our team for advanced care tailored to your specific needs.