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From need surgery to squatting fully without pain.

From Need Surgery to Squatting Fully Without Pain

Blake is a busy guy with his career and being a loving father and husband. He began having pain in both his knees and over time it stopped his ability to move, get on the floor with his son, and live the active lifestyle he wanted. After going to see an orthopedic that told him his knees were “no good” and that he needed surgery, he decided to look elsewhere for conservative option and a second opinion.

Blake found Alliance and scheduled a New Patient Injury Assessment with Dr. John that included a physical exam and a diagnostic ultrasound. You can read more about what diagnostic ultrasound is and how we use it save time and get great results – just click here.

What Dr. John found was that Blake didn’t need surgery at all, but the injuries within his knee would need something more than just “giving it rest.” In fact, it needed a treatment that has been shown to get patient’s amazing results with this exact injury.

The decision was to move forward with a autologous adipose procedure that uses the bodies own cells to help stimulate healing in the injured tissue! This procedure would help with helping the body to heal naturally, while using physical therapy to load that tissue progressively, improve movement patterns and limitations, improve range of motion, and improve strength.

Blake continued to progress and improve rather quickly. He was able to perform aquatic exercises at home, get back to riding the bike within weeks of the procedure and his daily pain scores reduced to drastically – majority of days with no pain at all.

Blake’s most notable “aha moment” was when he came in for PT and was able to squat down – butt all the way to his heels!

After just 3 months of undergoing an adipose procedure with Dr. John and Physical Therapy with Dr. Brian, he was able to do a complete butt to heels squat, ride his bike, and live his life without knee pain after seeing working with our team of providers.

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